Woburn Abbey - suggest you read the text while the photo downloads

Mel MJ carving the head of a 'dolphin'This carving is part of the pediment to The East Wing of Woburn Abbey. The stone is 'Perryfield' Portland Stone (limestone). We also carved a large crown at the top of this pediment (photo not yet available online). The carver who had the main contract for the pediment was my very good friend - and excellent carver- John Roberts. John and I trained together and also worked together for several years at Westminster Abbey in the 70's. We still help each other out if needed. John still teaches carving at The City&Guilds of London Art School, where Harry Brockway and I used to teach on Fridays in the early 1990's (but it's too far for us to travel!), and which is where John and I, and many other top carver/sculptors learned to carve. If you want to learn to carve (wood or stone) please do not ask us, but I suggest you contact The City&Guilds of London Art School. (Then from their homepage search for carving - this will give you several options including stonecarving and woodcarving)

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