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April 25 '00 : photos of the last carvings done at our old Kilmersdon (North Somerset) studio being loaded for transport to Petworth House in Sussex. Click on our Ongoing page.

February 07 2000 : A link added to a new and very enjoyable website of Hestercombe Gardens. We have carved several urns for them including a couple unphotographed on our website but which are visible in their photo of The Mausoleum. Click on the small photo of The Mausoleum to go straight to their website. The Mausoleum at Hestercombe Gardens

November 23 '99: Ongoing page updated to show progress photos of the large marble urn that we have been conserving and the equally large Petworth House 'Pope's Urns' which we are currently carving.

October 03 '99 : We have moved house to Dulverton, on Exmoor. The studio is remaining in Kilmersdon until we have sorted out a suitable building in Dulverton when, hopefully, all of us carvers will begin working there.

A photo of our now completed Kilmersdon Village Millennium Plaque added to the Ongoing page.

2 very useful carvers' websites added to my links section.

August 18 '99 : The first photo of work in progress carving three large urns for Petworth House in Sussex. Click on our Ongoing page.

Very sad for all our family is that Charlie, our much loved old Exmoor Pony, had to be 'put to sleep'. Charlie had never had a day's illness in his life but somehow managed to get cholic, and a twisted gut. Loved by everyone who met him Charlie was a great ambassador for his very rare breed and will be missed by far more than just our family. I will change the 'Ponies' page when I can face it. Here is a small photo of Charlie which will link to a very nice large, fast loading version if you click on the photoCharlie Mouse of Greenlease - as sweet, kind and mischievous a character as you could hope to meet in life.

January 13 : 'The carver's nightmare' added. To see large versions of this photo - and an explanation, click on the others page - (and scroll down the page).

'The carver's nightmare'

July 24 '99 : a couple of photos of carving being done on a huge fireplace for a Scottish castle. Click on our Ongoing page.

June 17 '99 : photo and text about the Kilmersdon Village Millennium Plaque which we have begun carving, and also a photo of an ugly (some might say charming!) little "fish on our Ongoing page.

April 24 '99 : A photo added showing our recent carving of King Edward The Confessor now looking peaceful in his new home in Pennsylvania, USA. Also, some details about 'Art in Action' , where we will be carving in front of the public at this very prestigious event.

April 17 '99 : More photos added to the marble urn project on the Ongoing page.

March 24 '99 : A large marble urn can be seen ready for working on in the Ongoing page.

March 06 '99 : A new Edward The Confessor page added, and a photograph showing a small carved panel on a memorial to a gyrocopter pilot who sadly died at a very young age from a brain tumour. Click the Ongoing page.

January 25 '99 : Central London now has an unusual large new obelisk. Click on our updated Obelisks page.

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