Stowe Landscape Gardens - suggest you read the text while the photos download

loading 3no. carved ionic capitals

3 large ionic capitals for The Temple of Concord and Victory, Stowe Landscape Gardens. Pictured loading up outside Kilmersdon Church (next to The Old Vicarage Workshop). We carved 16 of these capitals - each one different - to replace a brick wall which had been built at the temple when the originals were removed (long ago) from the temple along with their columns to build Stowe School Chapel! We carved the first stones in Doulting limestone, but as it was so difficult to obtain Doulting blocks of this size without vents (cracks in the stone) unless we were prepared to wait indefinitely, the architect decided to change to Stoke Ground Top Bed Bath Stone and then finally to Stoke Ground Base Bed. When next in the area I shall take a photograph of the restored temple to update this page.

'cherry picker' at Stowe?-or gyrocopter without the rotor?

Inspecting the stonework on The Rotunda at Stowe, (and perhaps dreaming that this machine was a Parsons gyrocopter) - click the blue 'gyro?' word below to be completeley sidetracked to my gyro flying page!






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