The Royal Exchange, London - suggest you read the text while the photos downloadmaking a clay model as the design for the Corinthian Capitals

Designing a Corinthian Capital in clay to formulate the eventual carvings in Portland Stone at The Royal Exchange. Notice that the detailed carving in the centre stems of the bottom tier of acanthus leaves was not included in the carved stone versions - this is the right stage to make sure that you are happy with the design!

he new floor built on to The Royal Exchange

most of the carvings in this workshop photo are for The Royal Exchange

This photo was taken before we reopened the lancet arch window in the end wall of the workshop, hence the rather gloomy hell-like appearance! Harry Brockway (foreground) is carving a keystone while Mel MJ is carving a corinthian capital, both for The Royal Exchange. The upside down half column capital visible at the top of the sack truck is for The Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, but the rest are for The Royal Exchange.

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