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Pope's Urn on pedestaldetailed photo of Pope,s Urn

replica urn on pedestal (Bath Stone colour), pictured in The Old Vicarage garden, Kilmersdon

This beautiful urn was originally designed by William Kent for Alexander Pope. There are several copies of it known in The United Kingdom of various sizes. One of these was at Hestercombe Landscape Gardens near Taunton, Somerset, though only the main spiral fluted section of the urn survived. Using Kent's drawing we carved the missing parts of the urn and pedestal, scaled to the size of the surviving section of urn.We copied the fine carving detail from the enormous Pope's Urn at Longford Castle, near Salisbury,Wiltshire - and are very grateful to Lord Folkstone and Lord Radnor for allowing this.

We have now re-instated the original Pope's Urn section along with our carving of the missing sections to its original position in The Landscape Gardens at Hestercombe. It is a cast replica of this urn which we are now able to offer for sale.


The urn : £470 ( no U.K. VAT to pay )

The full 3 part pedestal (optional ) : £260 ( no U.K VAT to pay )

Subject to a minimum order of 2 urns or 2 pedestals at a time the following discounts will apply: Less 7½% for up to 5 urns or pedestals. Less 10% for 6 or more urns or pedestals.

* * The overall dimensions in inches are rounded up or down to the nearest half inch. * *

As an example - you could have 12 Friendship urns delivered to an address in Dorset for only £30 !! Price correct as of 24/7/99.


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