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Kate riding Oakey and Lauren riding Charlie at the start of a long distance ride, 19th July '98Our 14 year old daughter Kate riding her pony Oakey, and her friend Lauren riding our veteran registered Exmoor Pony called Charlie.- Charlie is the small brown one.

They were just about to set off on a sponsored long distance ride. Surprisingly they all looked much the same after they had finished it!

Oakey (full name Forge Oak Leaf) is a 21 year old Arab x Welsh Pony gelding, 14.1hh and greatly loved by his young owner. Together they have won many rosettes and awards for showjumping and cross-country events. Oakey is a lovely chap, kind and well-mannered, and still enjoying everything from pleasure long distance rides to rolling in the mud and chasing his pony friends in the field.

One of these is Charlie Mouse of Greenlease. Charlie is a 12.2hh gelding and was Kate's first pony. He is full of character, cheeky, naughty and sprightly for his 24 years. He too still enjoys jumping (as long as they aren't more than 2'6"high), and his gymkhana specialities are 'musical statues' and 'Thelwell look-a-like'. Exmoor ponies are now very rare (fewer of them than giant pandas). They are the most ancient and purebred of the 9 native British pony breeds and unique with their primitive colouring, specially adapted teeth and fur coats. They are sturdy enough to carry full grown men and can withstand the worst of the weather on the bleak moors of their birthright. Click to link to The Exmoor Pony Society website.

Kate and Oakey31/8/98, A very special rosette amongst the dozens that this pair have won. They came third in their first ever One Day Event (dressage, showjumping and cross-country) out of a large field of competitors. Cash prize too!

Kate and Oakey competing in a 'Hunter Trial'.18/10/98, Kate and Oakey doing well again - this time 5th place in a 'Hunter Trial'. Again, 50 + in the field. Please excuse the photo!

Hunting wild animals is actually not one of our pastimes (though draghunting where packs of hounds and horses follow a man-made scent seems like a much better idea). Hunter Trials are a cross-country course of about 20 different types of jumps and gates with a timed section.

Maddy on Charlie - both in their winter coats! Click on this photo to see a bigger, better photo of CharlieMaddy on Charlie - both in their winter coats ! Just about visible on Charlie's shoulder is his registration 'brand', which is a star and his herd number 13. "Click" on this photo to see a bigger, better photo of Charlie. If you want to find out more about Exmoors click on the link further up this page.

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