Llandaff Cathedral - suggest you read the text while the photos download

carved caricatures of Phil and Melslightly unusual pinnacle

This pinnacle was carved by Harry Brockway and shows his cutting caricatures of the three of us who make up the backbone of the carving workshop. Harry has his head on the pillow! (but you can see him in the photo below), the head on the left is Phil Murdin, with that on the right Mel MJ(complete with paper hat!) - Harry was equally unflattering about himself! The leaf shapes on the crockets of these particular pinnacles were rather unusual. Doulting limestone was used for all of our carvings.

Harry carving a crocket in situHarry carving a crocket in situ

large pinnacle

animal head on pinnacle base

A carved beast and a half! Such is the design of cathedrals!

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