Hyde Park Urn, London - suggest you set your browser to 'Full Screen' and read the text while this large photo downloads.

worth waiting for!The Italian Gardens, Hyde Park, LondonThis large urn was a replacement carved as an exact (almost!) replica of the badly eroded and broken original for The Italian Gardens, Hyde Park, London.

There is a story behind this carving:

To cut a long story very short, when in block form it fell approx 7ft (2134mm) onto my right foot, where it demolished my three smallest toes (they're ok, but there are no longer any joints in them). If you look very closely at the carving you can see that I have carved one of the petals on a flower as a toe! I don't suppose anyone has ever noticed - but that's as it should be really. (if you want to find some more similar quirks click HERE.)

The unexpected windfall from the compensation paid for my second hand single seat autogyro - see 'after work,beasts of the field and fowls of the air' (some would say that the shock affected my brain -but not so!), and also went to two very worthwhile charities and paid for an electric bicycle for my wife, Maddy. (At that time we lived in a village at the bottom of a very steep hill! Kilmersdon is famous as the original hill in the nursery rhyme 'Jack & Jill').

carving in progress

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