Single seat gyro types commonly flown in the U.K


The Montgomerie Bensen

Ron Dobree-Carey at Compton Abbas Airfield, Dorset

Ron Dobree-Carey at Compton Abbas Airfield, Dorset.


Mark Hayward having fun with his Montgomerie Merlin

Mark Hayward enjoying himself with his Merlin.

The Montgomerie Merlin, also known as the Montgomerie Bensen, is produced in kit form by Montgomerie Autogyros, Kirkmichael Road, Crosshill,Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA19 7RJ. The basic underlying structure was originally based on the Bensen design, onto which a streamlined pod was added. The design has since evolved slightly further away from its Bensen roots, and the latest changes include a stepped keel as well as suspension. The engine position has also been altered, lowering the thrust line which is now directly through the centre of mass.

click HERE to visit Montgomerie Autogyros website.

The Campbell Cricket

Dave Organ  hovering his Campbell Cricket in high winds at Wallis Days 2000

Dave Organ hovering his Campbell Cricket in high winds at Wallis Days 2000 - Swanton Morley Airfield, Norfolk.

The original factory made Campbell Cricket was designed and first produced in 1967 but has not been produced for a number of years now, though many examples, such as the one shown above, can still be seen flying regularly. But as of January 2001 the Cricket has become available as a complete kit produced by Cricket Gyroplanes Ltd.. The Cricket type is a well proven gyro and is still the most commonly flown gyro in the U.K. Apparently if a Cricket aircraft registration does not begin with G-A then it is not one of the original Campbells!

Click HERE to visit the website of Cricket Gyroplanes Ltd.

The Everett

Khalid Aziz enjoying a sunny day in his Everett.

Khalid Aziz flies his Everett

The Everett is basically a copy of the Cricket, which was produced after Campbells ceased trading but which I believe has also stopped being produced. A large number of these gyros are still being regularly flown.

The Bensen

Keith Balch's Bensen at Perranporth Airfield, Cornwall

Keith Balch's Bensen gyrocopter at Perranporth Airfield, Cornwall.

Designed by Igor Bensen, the Bensen was the first 'Sport Gyro' produced and flown, and has been flown regularly all over the world ever since the late 1950's. Though there are a substantial number flying in the U.K. I am informed that it is now no longer possible to build this type of gyro from plans - which is a great shame. Apparently the nearest that you can get to building a 'similar' looking open frame gyro is to buy plans and parts for the Ken Brock KB1 and KB2 from the U.S.A.

Chris Julian preparing to display in his Bensen B8Mc

photo by Edwin Shackleton

My very dear friend the late Chris Julian winding up his rotor on his McCulloch powered Bensen B8Mc and about to do a display at the CAA authorised Kilmersdon Village Day Air Display, 1996. In the background is me trying to persuade the BBC TV cameraman to remove himself from the runway - just visible as a line through the longer grass just behind him. Dave Organ made a video of this event ( including ariel footage of his flight in to the event from Kemble Airfield). To purchase this video go to Dave's website (the gyro section) at

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