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As you will have realised by now, my gyro pages generally show those that are flown in the UK. If you would like to see a selection of gyros from various countries (but mainly from the USA) which are available to build from plans, kits or ready built, then I suggest that you visit the excellent PRA Directory. On this page, however, you can see some of my own particular favourites which are flown in countries outside the UK - it is me indulging myself! I suppose that these are gyros which I would love to fly myself, but because of financial constraints and the restrictive policies of our UK guardians at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), they are only likely to get flown by me in my dreams!! PLEASE NOTE that I do not know how any of these gyros handle in flight - it is mainly my artistic nature that they appeal to, or the fact that they are a little unusual.



two photos showing Jukka Tervamaki's JT-5 autogyro in flight

photos courtesy of Jukka Tervamaki

These two photographs show Jukka Tervamaki's JT-5 autogyro which was designed back in 1969 - it looks pretty good for a 30 year old design to me! Jukka has recently refurbished his old drawings using CAD, and if you are a very skilful builder you may like to purchase these new plans for 100 USD. You can see a sample of the drawings and plenty more gyros on his website (see my Links Page). He says "I cannot supply a manual or any kits or parts for the JT-5. The builder must have the proficiency to build from scratch. Know-how in machining, welding and epoxy-fiberglass lay up with vacuum bag moulding is essential to successfully complete a JT-5".


Greg Pope anchoring his floats gyro on the beach

photo by Bill Lochridge

This photo shows Greg Pope anchoring his gyro on a beach on Friday Island, between Australia and Papua New Guinea - this looks like paradise to me! See my Gyros on Floats page for more details.


Jerry Eastman's Windryder - which is for sale !


The Windryder is another of my favourite gyros - you could certainly go places in this machine! In fact, if you wanted to, you - yes YOU could go places, as this one is Jerry Eastman's Windryder which is actually for sale! For a full specification and sale details just click here on .Don't forget to click the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page when you have finished looking there! This was not meant to be a 'Gyros For Sale' page!


The Pitbull single seat tractor gyro.


The Pitbull single seat tractor gyro is produced in kit form by the North American Rotorwerks. A pocket sized version of the old classics! 2 and 4 bladed versions are available, and apparently they also do floats for the Pitbull too!You can get more details on their website at .Don't forget to click the 'Back' button on your browser to return to this page when you have finished looking there!

Our future transport problems solved - in the best possible way !- or how about one of these? Meet the future!


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