Guinea pigs & sheep - suggest you read the text while the photos download

Porridge, a South Ronaldsay lambMacbeth, a laughing Shetland lamb

Here are the sheep (Maddy likes to spin their wool, so they are chosen for their fleeces not their dinner table potential!).The black one is the Shetland sheep Macbeth. Friendly and sensible with a lovely fleece, he was hand reared in Spring 1998 along with his little whitish friend Porridge. Porridge is of the North Ronaldsay breed - these sheep live on an island off the coast of North West Scotland and have adapted to graze on the shoreline of the island on seaweed when grass is scarce. The sheep are both rare breeds well adapted for their active lives foraging in harsh conditions in their native habitats. Here in the soft South of England they have a penchant for McVitie digestive biscuits and a good scritch on their chests, and are trained to come to the rattle of a food bucket!


We have two guineapigs, Rikki (Tikki Tavi) who is shorthaired and secretive and spends much of her time nesting in her house, and her longhaired friend Ginger who is much more extrovert and enjoys the outdoor life - Ginger is a 'rescue' guineapig (i.e. she was thrown out, rather than she rescues people!). They have a large run attached to their house which is moved around the back lawn and is made into a sort of adventure playground with drain pipes and a small square rubbish bin on its side. They keep the grass closely trimmed and enjoy all sorts of extra garden produce such as dandelions, apple leaves, raspberry and rose cuttings, and orange blossom.


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