Hens and pigeons - sugest you read the text while the photos download

Golden Sebright bantamroosting bantams

roosting pigeons

We have a large 'farmyard' bantam who spends most of her time being broody and is usually allowed one nest of eggs each year to raise a new family. She doesn't mind that they are not her eggs but those of our favourite breed known as Sebrights. At the moment we have 4 Golden Sebright bantam hens, good little layers with beautiful markings and the endearing habit of standing on one leg. We have had Silver Sebrights too but unfortunately a visit from the fox last year in broad daylight removed these. Fortunately the mother bantam was sitting on her clutch of eggs in a broody house and escaped - she went on to hatch the present outfit.

The other part of the bird family are the white doves. Their numbers were decimated in the Spring by a hungry sparrowhawk who found tame white doves posing charmingly on the stable roof an easy lunchtime snack!

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