Fireplaces - suggest you read the text while the photos download

Abbot's House fireplaceThe Abbot's House, Bristol - boardroom of The Trustees of The United Bristol Hospitals. The stone is Monks Park Bath Stone. (Although it is a light buff honey colour, it is not as bright as this photo makes it appear).

large Richemont fireplace laid out on the workshop floorA large fireplace carved in 'Richemont' French limestone from an architect's sketch. The house is a new one in Henley on Thames, built in a traditional style.

large Richemont fireplace in situThe same fireplace in situ.(the colour is actually more like the larger photo)

Portland Stone fireplace in-situthe same fireplace with a pair of Limewood console tables either side of it. Click here to see a larger, better quality(125KB) version of this image. large Portland Stone fireplace for the same house. We also carved the two Limewood 'lion' console tables seen either side of the fireplace. To see a bigger, better quality (125KB) version of the second image, click on it.

carved central panels, U.S.A. fireplaceCentral panels of two large fireplaces going either side of a doorway in a large house in Ohio, U.S.A. The stone is Ancaster limestone. We also carved very ornate jamb stones for these fireplaces.

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