Edward The Confessor - suggest you read the text while the photos download


Mel MJ carving Edward The ConfessorThese two photos show Mel Morris Jones carving a Portland Stone statue of Edward The Confessor for a client in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. during 1998. Unfortunately the original statue was decaying rapidly (outside). We were sent some photos and measurements and asked to carve an exact replacement - but 3 or 4 inches taller! This is what we did.

This client got our 'Bargain Of The Year' - as we really wanted to do this carving. Surprisingly, shipping to U.S.A. costs very little if you are prepared to wait 3 weeks for the journey. You can fly it, but the price then has the same rate of climb as the airplane!

Edward The Confessor nearing completion

completed carving of Edward The Confessor (full length).The carving completed and ready to be shipped.

The completed statue of King Edward The Confessor, in Pennsylvania.King Edward The Confessor in his new home in Pennsylvania. He looks a little 'clean' at the moment, but will no doubt soon weather-in like the rest of the client's Portland Stonework has done. You can see some larger, more detailed photos taken in the UK by clicking HERE.

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