Dogs - suggest you read the text while photos download

Kate with Merlin and ShadowShadow Merlin and Shadow sleeping in their hip bath in the kitchen - they have other beds too!

Our two dogs are both rescue dogs from Claverton Down R.S.P.C.A. centre in Bath. The older and larger dog is Merlin - kind, quiet, very obedient, gentle and greedy. He was adopted by us in 1995. Unbelievably he was thrown out of a car on the dual carriageway at Chippenham the previous Christmas Eve. He and our daughter Kate enjoy 'dog agility', and he can jump as high as the ponies. His favourite person in all the world is carver Phil (Murdin), who was once seen to slip Merlin half a sandwich at lunchtime. Merlin has never forgotten this and is ever hopeful that Phil still has the other half up his sleeve! He has been joined recently by a small young friend, full of energy and mischief who sleeps on Kate's bed and follows her around so has been given the name "Shadow". He came to the dogs' home via Wales so nothing is really known about his past, but he is full of character, likes to sleep on his back with his legs in the air, has a habit of stealing shoes and underwear (fortunately he doesn't chew these, just carries them about) and enjoys digging for moles in the garden. He bears an uncanny resemblance to a skunk with his unusual head markings, and often smells like one too as he loves rolling in smelly hedgehog droppings that he finds in the garden.


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