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the client and his wife represented as griffins

The brief for this commission was to design and carve a pair of Griffin fountains so that at first glance they appeared to be fairly traditional heraldic beasts, but then you would do a double take as you noticed that one of them was wearing glasses, and there were many other oddities. The male was to represent the client - a fairly flambuoyant writer primarily, and comedian. The female, portrayed as a Sea-Griffin and clutching (significantly) a fish, represents his wife.

As much work went into the designing of these fountains as into the actual stonecarving. One of the benefits of making full sized clay models was that we could work out exactly where to drill the holes in the underside of the stone blocks (before they were carved!) so that we would be pretty sure that the holes would come out where the griffins throats would be.

Carving Griffin fountainsPicture shows Mel M J (foreground) and Harry Brockway carving the fountains in the workshop. The stone is French 'Lepine' limestone.

The client is unquestionably one of the world's leading writer / comedians and I thank him for going to so much trouble to track us down and giving us this 'fantastic' commission.

- After fixing these fountains I returned to pierce the glasses of the male griffin, as you needed to be able to see the eyes behind the glasses from the front view.

Anyone else want anything like this?!!

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