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The Friendship Urn, or 'Bampfylde'.

replica urn (Portland Stone colour) pictured in The Old Vicarage garden on the plain central section of the pedestal

The Bampfylde Friendship Urn was erected in 1786 by Coplestone Warre Bampfylde, the owner of Hestercombe House near Taunton,Somerset, and designer of its landscape garden, in honour of his great friends : Henry Hoare of Stourhead and Sir Charles Tynte his neighbour at Halswell - two great landscape garden designers. The Latin inscription on the pedestal to the original urn names these two and the translation continues ..." It is to be wished that this urn be sacred to the memory of a long esteemed friendship. Earth has not borne such shining spirits as these, nor any with whom I have closer bonds". The inscription, which is from Horace; Satires, 1.5, equated the lost friends with Virgil, of whom Horace was speaking.

The original urn had been moved to The Orangery in the 1963 for safekeeping. It was in a very battered condition with several parts missing completely. With the help of an old engraving we were able to carve a new urn to the original design that Bampfylde had commissioned. This urn is now erected on a copy of the original pedestal (a Palladio design) in its original position across the valley from The Mausoleum in the newly 'rediscovered' Landscape Gardens. From this carving we have produced the cast replicas which we are now able to offer for sale.

The urn : £435 (no U.K. VAT to pay)

The full 3 part pedestal (optional) : £310 (no U.K. VAT to pay)

Plain central section (hollow) of pedestal : £115 (no U.K. VAT to pay)

(as shown in the large photograph above)

Subject to a minimum order of 2 urns or 2 pedestals at a time the following discounts will apply: Less 7½% for up to 5 urns or pedestals. Less 10% for 6 or more urns or pedestals.

* * The overall dimensions in inches are rounded up or down to the nearest half inch. * *

As an example - you could have 12 Friendship urns delivered to an address in Dorset for only £30 !! Price correct as of 24/7/99.

Our carved, natural stone 'Friendship Urn' in situ.Our carved Bath Stone 'Friendship Urn' in place at Hestercombe Landscape Gardens.Visible across the valley is The Mausoleum, whilst out of sight further up the path on the far side is the Pope's Urn.

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