1998 - some of our carving projects. suggest you read the text while the photos download

Portland Stone tableA Portland Stone table for a client in Henley on Thames, England. We had a photo of one of the legs which I believe was taken in a salvage yard, and designed a top to go with the legs. We never did get to see the original legs, but this is what they looked like to us!

In the background is part of a support for a limewood console table we carved for the same client. It has rather more detailed carving than the stone table, and has now been painted 'dirty white' to look like stone. See the photo of it in situ, lower down this page.

Table in situ - click on this photo to see a bigger, better quality image (138KB)

The table in situ - it has been 'invisibly' sealed to avoid any staining. Click on the photo above to see a bigger, better quality 138KB photo.

carved Limewood table - click on this photo to see a bigger, better quality image (126KB).

Carved Limewood console table - against the wall, under the mirror (see in the background of the top photo on this page) - painted to look like stone. Click on this photo if you would like to see a bigger, better quality image (126KB).

full size clay model of half a console tablelimewood 'Lion' console table at roughed out stagecarving progressing well on one of the console tables

console tables either side of a Portland Stone fireplace which we also carved. Click on this photo to see a bigger, better quality image (125KB).these photos show the stages of carving to produce a pair of limewood console tables, starting with a clay model made from a black&white photocopy of a page in an old book that the client liked. The proportions obviously had to be made to fit the room. The Portland Stone fireplace was also carved by us (the man in the photo is the chimney sweep and you can see that the chimney was blocked and had been smoking badly). Click on this photo to see a bigger, better quality version of this image (125KB).

carving a pine wood Shell Porch'Shell' porch in position, but waiting for lead dressingAn 18th century 'Shell' porch being carved in pine wood in the workshop, and next to it - the porch being fixed. It still has to have its lead covering but is covered with plastic sheeting temporarily. There is actually a very attractive curved architrave hidden beneath it! Watch this space to see the finished Porch.

carving a tomb for The 12th Earl Waldegravethe completed tomb in position

Carving a Doulting Stone tomb for The 12th Earl Waldegrave, and the tomb in position in Chewton Mendip churchyard, Somerset.

full lengthWe carved a statue of Edward The Confessor which was exported to Pennsylvania, USA. To see more photos and details on this carving click here for our Edward The Confessor page

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